Paolo Romeo, English-Italian Translator

(English, Spanish, Portuguese to Italian – Italian, Spanish, Portuguese to English)

Literary (fiction and non-fiction) & Technical Texts,
Corporate translation, Post-editing, and Revision

My passion for translation started in 2005 when I returned to Italy after living and working in Singapore for many years. In 2006 I moved permanently to London and since then I have leisurely translated various texts, from fiction to scholarly articles, news, web articles and essays for the pleasure of friends and family.

In 2015 I started working with a local publisher in Italy, Lo Studiolo Edizioni; currently I am working on a few translation projects for Lo Studiolo.

In February 2021 I started a Master programme in Translation Studies with the University of Birmingham; this will be completed in July 2023.

With Parole RitrovateWhere Words Matter I would like to offer a translation service that provides attention to details, reliability and a commitment to provide an accurate translation of the source text, whether it be literary or technical, as I believe that every word matters.