2020-21 Post-editing and revision:
Kumon English as a Foreign Language Programme – Italian version

Languages: English to Italian
First phase completed: November 2020
Second phase completed: September 2021
The Kumon EFL programme for Italian learners comprises of more than 15 levels of 200 Worksheets each. Additionally, there are audio file textbooks for listening comprehension, where nursery rhymes, stories, dialogues, vocabulary lists and grammar have been translated into Italian. The proof-reading and revision process has allowed me to work closely with the translators, project managers and another Italian proof-reader. This work has also given me great insights into the technicalities of English and Italian grammar, as well as the nuances of the language required for younger learners.

2022 Translation – non-fiction:
La pubblicazione de The Lord of the Rings (1954-55 UK), by Rayner Unwin

Languages: English to Italian
Completed: June 2022
Publication date: Summer 2025
Publisher: Lo Studiolo Edizioni, Sanremo, Italy
This is an article written by the publisher of The Lord of the Rings for the industry magazine The Bookseller in 1988. It was later expanded and published as a short essay for the 1992 Tolkien’s Centenary Conference in Oxford. The Italian translation will be published with extended notes and additional information.

2021-23 Translation – fiction:
The Silver Trumpet, by Owen Barfield

Languages: English to Italian
Currently revising the translation (deadline: December 2023)
Publication date: TBC (2024)
Publisher: The Owen Barfield Estate
First published in 1925, The Silver Trumpet is a fairy tale and the first work that the English philosopher published in his early career. In fact, it is also the first work of fantasy by one of The Inklings, Barfield being amongst his founding members, together with J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. It was Lewis who gave the book to Tolkien, who read it to his children, and reported that the book “scored a direct hit” with them.

2023 Translation – fiction:
O Cavailero da Dinamarca, by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

Languages: Portuguese to Italian
Currently revising the final translation.
Publication date: December 2023
Publisher: Lo Studiolo Edizioni, Sanremo, Italy
First published in Portugal in 1964, this is a short fairy tale enriched with symbolism by the renowned writer and poetess; she is considered one of the most prominent and celebrated literary figures of the XX century in Portugal.